Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The Web Art Center, is looking for video artists / collaborators, to produce a Web Video Biennial, at the Web Art Center, between October 15 and December 31. This project, directed by Jose Vieira, is one more of he’s collaborating projects held at the WAC.
The first project, directed by Jose Vieira was the Fonlad Festival, that has been evolving to a regular festival, out side the internet.
After Fonlad, José Vieira has produced the following collaborating projects: Fake Festival 2010 <>, Non Biennale 2011 <>, Non Biennale 2014 <>. Now the artist present a new project centered on video art for internet.
The project is open to all video artists who are interested in collaborate with José Vieira in a new web art project. Dead line for applications: September 30.


1. The WEB VIDEO BIENNALE is a Collaboration Web Art Project directed by the artist Jose Vieira, organized by the Web Art Center. 2014 will be the year of its first edition. It is intended to promote digital web video productions of several artists who approach the new technologies in contemporary art.

2. The WEB VIDEO BIENNALE will run from October 15 until December 31, 2014, at the virtual space of the Web Art Center <>

3. Any artist with any nationality could apply. Any participant could apply as many works as he pleases.

4. The participation in the Biennial is free. There are no commissions and monetary prices. Whoever, special nominations will be consider for the best works proposed by artists.

5. All proposals must be sent up to 30 September 2014.

6. All interested artists may participate by fulfilling a submission form for each work, which will include: name, nationality, email address, website, brief artistic resume, technical details of the work [title, format and technique] and text illustrating the work presented.

7. Each participant must submit all the works in digital format. The works must be publish on internet (vimeo, youtube or personal website). All videos must be public. Private videos are not aceptable.

8. Each artwork should be submitted on line: Artists submit the link to the page where the video is posted (own site, vimeo, youtube, etc.) and a frame of it. Images cannot be larger than 2MB.

9. All proposals must be accompanied with a declaration allowing the organization to present the works submitted on the Web Video Biennial context. No works will be admitted without this declaration.

DECLARATION (to copy and past to the email): I (name) declare to Web Art Center, the permission to use images, sounds, and display the materials submitted for the WEB VIDEO BIENNIAL, to be held between October 15 and December 31, 2014.

10. Works should be sent by email until September 30, 2014, together with the submission form and the statement of transferring rights of image, sound and display. Proposals received after that date or not accompanied by the registration form and declaration of rights of sound, image and display will be excluded from the biennale.

11. All projects that do not meet all requirements in this regulation will be excluded.

12. After the event, the organization reserves the right to store the images / videos received with the aim of building a gallery of digital projects.

13. The participation in the Web Video Biennial implies acceptance of these rules by the artist.

14. The missive cases situations to these regulations will count on an applicability and resolution of the commission’s biennial.
For any doubt or clarification in relation to the organization of the biennial, contact:

Jose Vieira:


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